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SMS-enable your application with Impower™ API

The Impower™ JSON API allows you to quickly and easily add automated SMS to your communication flows

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The latest version of our SMS API is fully documented in our online developer portal (click above to request access). It is based on JSON which is the language-independent standard for reliable data exchanges. We also offer XML, SFTP and SMPP.

Automation made simple

Use the Impower JSON API to easily add SMS triggers to your application. It comes with an industry-leading SLA so you will be sure of support when you need it.

Inbound messages

We provide options for long numbers and short codes to enable you to receive inbound messages from your customers

Statistics and Analytics

You will receive real time delivery receipts for immediate insights - allowing you to adjust your behavioural targeting accordingly.


You can access the Impower console to view your SMS traffic, and send messages manually where required. Impower has secure user management and tiered access controls

Case studies

BT Ireland: SMS for Emergency Call Answering Service

BT Ireland: SMS for Emergency Call Answering Service

Permanent tsb: 2-way fraud alerts

Permanent tsb: 2-way fraud alerts



“Púca APIs and self-serve console are the backbone of our SMS communications, and Púca always excel in service delivery and support”

Head of Customer Strategy and Innovation
RSA Insurance


“Púca’s API and 2-way SMS functionality is working really well with our automated robotic process and we’re seeing a massive benefit”

Dave Byrne, Fraud Manager
Permanent tsb


“Púca’s messaging technology and support has been an essential component of the success of the ECAS project”

Mick Kelly, Head of ECAS
BT Ireland


How are SMS APIs good for business?

How are SMS APIs good for business?

March, 1st 2021

SMS APIs are an unfamiliar topic to many, so we've put together this quick guide with the essentials on how SMS APIs being used and why they are good for business.

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