Impower™ Key Features


Multi-User Management

  • Administrator and Staff access levels allow for multi-user management across your business
  • Admins can Invite new users, remove users, change passwords with ease
  • Administrators and Account Owners can assign locations for new and existing users. Locations are a handy way to specify what messages have been sent from any of the different departments , stores, offices, or other units you operate.

Security Features

  • Secure password management
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Tracking by user provides audit trail for the business


Group Messaging and Personalisation

  • Messages can be personalised with multiple fields such as username, customer ID, account balance and so forth.
  • Simply use the CSV upload facility and map across the fields in your template.
  • Website embedding for iMessage


Template Management

  • You can now create and manage message templates to ensure efficiency and consistency across your team.


Opt-out Management

  • Each Impower™ account is connected to the Púca gateway (Message Manager) and has an associated opt-out keyword
  • Opt outs can be viewed, deleted and exported from your Impower account