Release Notes – 2022 Q2


We’re pleased to introduce some recent improvements to Púca’s Impower messaging platform for Q2 2022.

By the way if you are having any trouble logging in or seeing these changes you may need to refresh the screen or clear your cache.
• More flexible data fields – you can now include any data you wish in custom fields 1-6

• Updated sample csv file – a new sample file is now available for your group sends, which reflects the new custom data field layout.
• Eileen has recorded a short Vidyard about this change which you can view here
• Location in the Sent Messages view is now the default location of the sender rather than the custom Location field from the previous CSV template

• Note: When you export your sent messages you will also see the sender ID (“from address”) information which is handy if you have multiple sender IDs in your account
• We have removed the url shortening facility which was not a commonly used feature, and in line with industry best practice.
• For more on using SMS safely see our recent blog on this topic

We always welcome your feedback so do feel free to reach out to and we’ll be happy to help!

Kind regards,
Eileen, Ronan and the team