Tracking URLs

When sending a message to a group, you now have the option to include a URL with an optional conversion to unique short URL to help you track the open rate and unique clicks. Using our preformatted template simply insert your URL in the URL column, you can see how this looks in this below screenshot:

When adding a URL into this area, you will now see the URL data field as you progress through the menus which can be seen here:

But the most important addition to the flow when adding a URL, is that you will now see an option that states ‘Track URL’, this will allow you to track any clicks into URLs that you place in view the Data Field dropdown on the final message.

The Datafield dropdown to use when you want to track clicks throughs of these URLs can also be found here:

Finally, when this is used, that {URL} that appears will convert the URL column, and all the URLs that are present in that column for each message into its own unique shortlink that when clicked is tracked on your Impower Dashboard here: